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Browse Note

  • shortcuts: None

Open the github repository (if it exists) of the current note. If you have a multi vault workspace with different git repositories, this command will

Create Daily Journal Note

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+i
    • mac: cmd+shift+i
    • when: editorFocus

Create a global journal note

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+c
    • mac: cmd+shift+c
    • when: editorFocus

Copy wiki link to note. The title of the note will be applied as the note alias. If you highlighter a header, dendron will create a relative link to the header with the alias set to the header value.

If you use this command in a multi vault workspace, Dendron will create a cross vault link to the note in question.

Copy Note Ref

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+r
    • mac: cmd+shift+r
    • when: editorFocus

Copies a reference to the current open document

Lets you quickly create a note reference to the current note.

If you have a header selected while running this command, it will copy the note ref with the selected header to the next note ref

If you use this command in a multi vault workspace, Dendron will create a cross vault link to the note in question.

Delete Node

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+d
    • mac: cmd+shift+d

Delete a note or schema

Move Note

Move a note. Also includes option to move a note between vaults

Transform URL in clipboard to nicely formatted markdown link

Rename Note

  • shortcuts: none

Rename a note and all backlinks

Show Preview

  • shortcuts:
    • windows: windows+ctrl+p
    • mac: cmd+ctrl+p

Show Markdown Preview


  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+L
    • key: ctrl+l

Initiate note lookup

To work with notes, Dendron uses lookups. Lookups help you create, find, and organize your notes. You can watch the following video to see some of the things you can do with lookups.

Lookup (Journal Note)

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+j
    • mac: cmd+shift+j
    • args: {'noteType': 'journal'}

Initiate note lookup with journal note pre-selected

Lookup (Scratch Note)

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+s
    • mac: cmd+shift+s
    • args: {'noteType': 'scratch', 'selectionType': 'selection2link'}

Initiate note lookup with scratch note pre-selected

Lookup Schema

  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+L
    • key: ctrl+shift+l

Initiate schema lookup

  • shortcuts: none

Open link to external file (eg. pdf, .mov, etc) use system default


Reload Index

  • shortcuts: none

Reload the index. Necessary for Dendron to pick up on schema changes.

Archive Hierarchy

  • shortcuts: none

Move current note and all children under the archive hierarchy

This is a convenience method around Refactor Hierarchy for the case of archiving hierarchies you are no longer using. For example, if you were currently at, running Archive Hierarchy would be equivalent to running Refactor Hierarchy with the following arguments:

  • matcher:
  • replacement:

Refactor Hierarchy

  • shortcuts: none

Update hierarchy using regex

Like Rename Note but works on an entire hierarchy of notes. This command takes two arguments:

  • matcher: regex that matches text you want to capture for replacement
  • replacer: regex that represents text you want to use as replacement

After running the command, you will be taken to a preview that shows all files that will be affected. You will be given an option in a dropdown to either proceed with the refactor or cancel the operation.

  • NOTE: Dendron will warn you if refactoring will overwrite existing files. You will need to either change your replacer or move the affected files before Dendron will perform a refactor

Refactor Hierarchy is a huge time-saver:

Goto Note

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+enter
    • when: editorFocus

Goto to the note under the cursor, creating it if it doesn't exist.

Go Up

  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+up
    • key: ctrl+shift+up
    • when: editorFocus

Go to closet non-stub parent of the currently open note

Go Next Sibling

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+]
    • when: editorFocus

Go to the next sibling

Go Previous Sibling

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+[
    • when: editorFocus

Go to the previous sibling

Go Down

  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+down
    • key: ctrl+shift+down
    • when: editorFocus

Go down the hierarchy


Vault Add

  • shortcuts: none

Add a new vault to your workspace.

When you add a vault, you can choose between adding a local vault or a remote vault.

Local Vault

A local vault is a folder in your file system.

Remote Vault

A remote vault is a git repository. If you choose a remote vault, you can choose from a vault from the registry or enter a custom git url.

We currently have four vaults in the registry:,, and`. These correspond to the notes backing and respectively.

Note that when you add a remote vault, the url can also point to a remote workspace. In that case, dendron will inspect the dendron.yml to get a list of all vaults within the workspace and add all vaults from inside the workspace.

Vault Remove

  • shortcuts: none

Remove a vault

Remove a vault from your workspace. Note that the underlying files wil not be deleted - the vault will lose its association with your workspace.

Initialize Workspace

  • shortcuts: none

Create a new workspace

Change Workspace

  • shortcuts: none

Change into existing workspace

Snapshot Vault

  • shortcuts: none

Create a snapshot of your vault

Takes a snapshot of your entire vault, including assets. This command will ignore version control folders like .git when making a snapshot. Snapshots are saved under {workspace}/snapshots/{timestamp}

Restore Vault

  • shortcuts: none

Restore your vault from a snapshot

Restores your vault based on a snapshot. When restoring, it will over-write any notes that have the same name as notes in the snapshot. It will ignore version control directories like .git when restoring your vault

Show Help

  • shortcuts: none

Dendron will open your current browser to the cheatsheet page.

Configure (yaml)

  • shortcuts: none

Modify Dendron Config as raw YAML


  • shortcuts: none

Modify Dendron Config using Dendron UI

Workspace: Add and Commit

Add and commit all notes across all vaults to git.


Build Pod

  • shortcuts: none

Build your notes for export. Currently, only export to github pages is supported.

Configure Pod

  • shortcuts: none

Update your pod configuration

Import Pod

  • shortcuts: none

Import notes from an external data source. Currently, only the local file system is supported

Export Pod

  • shortcuts: none

Export notes to an external data source. Currently only JSON is supported.

Publish Pod

  • shortcuts: none

Publish your note to a different format/location

Copy Note URL

  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+u
    • windows: ctrl+shift+u

Get URL of current note from published site

If you highlight a header, will copy the url with the header set as the anchor

The url is taken from the siteUrl property.



  • shortcuts: none

Build, commit and publish your notes with a single command

  • NOTE: this is mean for v1 publishing. V2 publishing currently does not have a publish command.

Site Build

  • shortcuts: none

Build your notes using publishing v2

This command works by running dendron-cli in the background.

Site Preview

  • shortcuts: none

Preview your notes on localhost using publishing v2.

This command works by running dendron-cli in the background.



  • shortcuts: none

Auto fix various issues with Dendron. You can pick among various actions for the doctor to perform


  • fixFrontmatter
    • add ids and titles to the frontmatter of all notes that are missing it
    • setup a docs folder if it doesn't exist. Required if you want to publish your notes

  • h1ToTitle: remove initial h1 header and use it to replace contents of title field in frontmatter
  • h1ToH2: convert all initial h1 header to h2 header
  • removeStubs: remove all stub docs
  • oldNoteRefToNew: convert legacy note refs to new style note refs

Dump State

  • shortcuts: none

Dump internal state of Dendron inside logs

This is useful when diagnosing issues in Dendron

Dendron:Dev: Open Logs

  • shortcuts: none

Open Dendron logs for current session

Dendron:Dev: Diagnostics Report

  • shortcuts: none

Copy last 3000 lines of all logs and config to clipboard. Use when submitting an issue to Dendron