Greenhouse Talks


The Greenhouse Talks is a learning series organized by Dendron. These are 30 minute talks that cover topics of interest to the Dendron community. While the focus is on note taking and personal knowledge management, topics are not limited to these areas and can span anything the speaker has in-depth knowledge of.

All talks are recorded and made available on youtube after the fact.

Talk Schedule

You can subscribe to our community calendar to stay up to date on upcoming talks.

Proposing a talk

If you would like to propose a topic or speak about a topic, you can submit a proposal here.

Preparing a talk

If you're giving a talk, you can use the following template (Private) to structure your talk.

Before the talk, make sure that you have zoom installed and that you have given it permission to take video and share your screen.

Upcoming talk


In this talk, Mark will walk you through his personal digital garden Cerebrarium, and discuss how he uses Dendron to organize knowledge for his personal interests.

  • Date: 2021.07.30
  • Time: 7:30AM PDT
  • Location: Zoom


  • How I found Dendron and why I stayed.
  • Overview of how my workspace is set up today.
  • What goes in? What stays? What comes out?: How I tend my garden.
  • Separation of concerns: I still love pen and paper.
  • Concepts from popular systems I borrow and implement in my garden to make it work.
  • Moving forward: Ideas for next session.


Past Talks

An archive of all previous talks can be found on youtube.

A Day in Dendron


In this talk, Kevin, Dendron founder, will go over how he uses Dendron to manage his personal knowledge base of +20K notes.

  • Date: 2021.07.23
  • Time: 7:30AM PST
  • Location: Zoom


  • daily knowledge accretion using journal notes, scratch notes, and hierarchies
  • finding anything in seconds using lookup and search
  • vscode specific shortcuts and settings
  • various dendron optimizations
  • process for switching between windows, tabs, and workspaces
  • multi-desktop multi-vault setup


Data Races

  • date: 2021.06.29

Kaan Genc, Dendron's summer intern, goes over the intricacies of data races, why they are bad, why they are so hard to debug and what you can do about them.


Bluetooth for Beginners

  • date: 2021.07.01

Kiran Pathakota, one of the first Dendrologist's, covers the basics of Bluetooth technology.



  1. A Day in Dendron
  2. Cerebrarium
  3. Typescript Development with Dendron and VSCode