Dendron Greenhouse


In Greenhouse talks, Dendron community members share the fruits of their learning. This may include showcasing workflows, tooling setups, systems, and other topics in personal knowledge management, but also anything that the speaker has in-depth knowledge of that may be of interest to the wider community.

All talks are recorded and made available on YouTube after the fact.


Take a look at the Dendron Event Calendar for these and other events.

Proposing a talk

Preparing a talk

If you're giving a talk, you can use the following template to structure your talk.

## Summary

- Title: 
- Date: 
- Time: 
- Location: [Discord / Dendron Teatime Voice Channel](

## Agenda

## Output

> Fill this section out after the talk

- [Recording]()
- [Slides]()
- Transcript

## Links to things talked about

> Resource links mentioned in presentation, and in Q&A 

Preparing Discord

Past Talks

Recordings of Greenhouse talks from the past year can be viewed on the Dendron's The Greenhouse YouTube Playlist.


A Day in Dendron


In this talk, Kevin (Dendron founder) went over how he uses Dendron to manage his personal knowledge base of +20K notes. Use these tips, tricks, and workflows to optimize Dendron for daily life.