Typescript Development with Dendron and VSCode


In this talk, Kevin, Dendron founder, will go over his workflow for Dendron development using typescript and VSCode.


  • vscode setup: extensions and settings
  • process for breaking down a task
  • using Dendron to augment the development process
  • test and debug process
  • questions


Speaker Notes

The following were my personal notes for the talk



  • installed
    • gitlens
    • prettier
    • vim
  • settings
  • layout
    • four pane split
      • top is main
    • bottom is secondary

Starting on a task

  • write out goal
  • write subtasks
  • write commit message
  • write tests
  • write impl


  • go to tests, run
  • open up package.json for package
  • check snapshot
  • test-workspace.sh
  • focus breadcrumbs: cmd shift .
  • find all references
  • search
    • limit search to right extension (eg. ".ts")
    • for React components, sometimes search by folder
      • sidebar/index.html