August Greenhouse: Markdown Language Server and Progressive Summarization for Developers


Two Greenhouse talks, one on the new VS Code markdown language server and the other on adapting the method of progressive summarization for developers.



Building better Markdown tooling with the Markdown language server

Speaker: Matt Bierner, Maintainer of JS/TS in VS Code

What's next for Markdown tooling? That's what we're exploring with the new Markdown Language Server project. The server was forked from VS Code's built-in Markdown extension and includes tooling more commonly associated with programming languages such as document outlines, safe file/header renames, and link validation. Now it's all available to other editors and tools too!

In this talk, I'll discuss why we decided to build a language server for Markdown and how you can get involved. Together we can help push Markdown tooling forward for everyone!


Progressive Summarization for Developers

Speaker: Kevin Lin, Founder of Dendron

Progressive Summarization is a technique popularized by Tiago Forte to incrementally retain important insights from text to be used at a future date. How does this apply to software?

Documentation for software is both extensive and fluid. The details and corner cases are never ending and the pace of development can mean that anything you take notes on can change. This is why we tend to not bother - but this results in a perpetual groundhogs day of stack overflow answers and google queries.

In this talk, I will talk about a workflow I've developed to incrementally build up a knowledge base that encompasses all the software I have ever used and how I use it in my day to day.