Getting Things Done (GTD), Bullet Journaling, and Other Task Management Workflow Demos with Dendron


Kevin Lin (Founder of Dendron) and Ben (a Dendrologist from the Dendron community) each presented their workflows for managing actionable information, tasks, and more. The presentation included open discussion with community members that attended.


Embedded above is the Greenhouse Talk Recording


This is a copy/paste of the chapters in the YouTube video

00:00 Ben's Introduction
00:53 Kevin's introduction
02:30 Kevin: Kevin's Dendron workflow layout
04:28 K: Pane 1 - Action Pane: Pinned Pending Tasks / Bullet Journal
09:55 K: Pane 3 - Action Pane: Active task work
11:50 K: Pane 2 and 4: Reference Panes
16:05 K: Daily Journal, schema, template
16:45 K: Weekly Journal, schema, template
17:23 K: Logging custom data in frontmatter
18:45 K: Using saved, custom searches in VS Code
21:30 K: Code projects with Dendron
22:05 Q&A: Block links, references, and note reference embedding in Dendron
24:40 K: Triaging new tasks, and Task Notes
25:45 K: Exporting Dendron task notes to Airtable
30:25 Q&A: Open PKM Catalogue and Workflows with Dendron
32:55 Ben: Ben's Dendron workflow layout
33:35 B: Taskwarrior TUI integration in VS Code with vim keybindings
37:58 Q&A: What's Kevin's workflow on mobile? 
39:30 Q&A: Will Dendron integrate with and for web-based usage of the extension?
42:48 Dendron can export your notes and vaults in JSON
43:20 Closing remarks



Resource links mentioned in presentation, and in Q&A

More from Kevin's workflow