• Sort numeric siblings in GoToSiblingCommand
  • Disable Dendron shortcuts when plugin is not active

Bug Fixes

  • Nested note refs in preview can display incorrectly

House Cleaning

  • Update initialization telemetry to only collect rounded numbers of notes (docs)



More Caching Improvements

Even if your workspace is +10k notes, initialization of said workspace should happen in the matter of seconds. You can read about the details here


  • progress indicator when adding a remote vault
  • init engine from cli (docs)
  • add html pod (docs)
  • move note now shows completions via lookup
  • rename note now shows completions via lookup

Bug Fixes

  • Tree widget doesn't update when new files are added
  • Goto note prefer existing note for multi-vault workspace
  • MarkdownPod still using legacy note refs
  • Move note will sometimes fail
  • Insert note will sometimes fail
  • Vault picker toggle for move note will execute if user clicks escape

House Cleaning

  • Rename note is now just a re-mapped version of the Move Note command. In the future, we might deprecate Rename altogether and replace with Move Note


Bug Fixes

  • proper initialization of backlinks when initializing from cache



Faster startup performance

Dendron startup is now up to 5x faster for large workspaces šŸš€šŸš€šŸš€ Prior to this release, Dendron re-indexes all files at startup. We're now smarter about this and will read data from our cache instead if the note contents have not changed. You can read about the details here.


  • Managed Publishing (NEW) is now compatible with version 0.37 of Dendron
  • Add progress bar to Dendron: Show Note Graph
  • MoveNoteCommand will not prompt for vaults if not multi-vault

Bug Fixes

  • Create daily journal note fails if there's no note open

House Cleaning


With this release of Dendron, we've added limited telemetry that is opt-out by default.

This is to help us understand how many people are using Dendron as well as measure the impact on performance when we introduce new features. We do not and will never read the data inside your notes.

You can see the full list of information we collect and why we do it in our telemetry documentation as well as instructions on how to opt out of telemetry.



Bug Fixes

  • correctly index notes added outside of Dendron




CLI for Workspace Commands

dendron workspace <cmd>

workspace related commands

  cmd  a command to run            [string] [required] [choices: "pull", "push"]

  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --help            Show help                                          [boolean]
  --wsRoot          location of workspace
  --vault           name of vault
  --quiet           don't print output to stdout
  --enginePort      If set, connect to to running engine. If not set, create new
                    instance of Dendron Engine
  --useLocalEngine  If set, use in memory engine instead of connecting to a
                    server                                             [boolean]

Insert Note Command

Insert the contents from a note into another note. You can configure a starting hierarchy for this command. Useful if you designated a hierarchy (eg. templates) for insertions.

When inserting a note, all snippet variables will also be resolved.


  • support custom port for preview (docs)




CLI for Working with Vaults

dendron vault <cmd>

vault related commands

  cmd  a command to run                  [string] [required] [choices: "create"]

  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --help            Show help                                          [boolean]
  --wsRoot          location of workspace
  --vault           name of vault
  --quiet           don't print output to stdout
  --enginePort      If set, connect to to running engine. If not set, create new
                    instance of Dendron Engine
  --useLocalEngine  If set, use in memory engine instead of connecting to a
                    server                                             [boolean]
  --vaultPath       path to vault                            [string] [required]
  --noAddToConfig   if set, don't add vault to dendron.yml             [boolean]


  • less verbose logs for CLI



CLI for Working with Notes

Start anchor note-commands not found


  • toggle xvault wiki links (docs)
  • auto detect workspace root if --wsRoot not passed to CLI
  • add --quiet flag to cli

House Cleaning

  • remove legacy note references, use doctor with oldNoteRefToNew to convert your old note references


Bug Fixes

  • multiple notes created when clicking on a link with an alias


Bug Fixes

  • Multiple notes created when opening a note via the treeview




Goto Note command

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+enter
    • when: editorFocus

Goto to the note under the cursor, creating it if it doesn't exist.

  • NOTE: this fixes issue 564 which causes a new note to be created on hover when combined with noAutoCreateOnDefinition set to true. We introduced noAutoCreateOnDefinition configuration to help folks transition to the new behavior. Auto creating on definition will be deprecated in a future release


  • better details in diagnostics report
  • support xvault backlinks
  • faster backlink generation
  • include content from unpublished notes (docs)
    • this allows you to use note references to hierarchies that aren't explicitly published
  • better Theia compatibility

Bug Fixes

  • disable auto-creation notes on definition (docs)



Add and Commit

Add and commit all notes across all vaults to git.


  • useNoteTitleForLink now true by default
  • control hierarchy display using note frontmatter (docs)
  • ability to disable appending uuid's to assets when importing markdown (docs)
  • ability to set an index file when importing markdown (docs)

Bug Fixes

  • bulk importing notes would fail if payload was greater than 10mb
  • punchcard pod referring to wrong commit





A Better Doctor

Dendron doctor has been updated with a bunch of new options including the ability to migrate old style refs to new style refs

  • shortcuts: none

Automatically fix various issues with Dendron.

You can pick among various actions for the doctor to perform.

  • Doctor performs it's actions on the entire workspace by default
  • You can toggle this behavior with the Change Scope button on the top right corner of panel so that it runs only on the active open document.
  • This requires you to have a note open and in focus before running the doctor command.


  • Fixes notes that are missing the frontmatter, or that have broken frontmatter.
  • Setup a docs folder if it doesn't exist. Required if you want to publish your notes

  • Remove initial h1 header and use it to replace contents of title field in frontmatter
  • Convert all initial h1 header to h2 header
  • Remove all stub docs
  • Convert legacy note refs to new style note refs
  • Create notes that do not exist yet but has a wikilink to it.
  • A preview pane will appear with the notes that will be created before proceeding.
  • In a multi-vault workspace, wikilinks that do not specify a vault prefix will be omitted from the candidates.
    • In a workspace that has 2 vaults named foo and bar, the wikilink [[missing-note]] will not be a candidate for missing note creation with this command.
    • However, [[dendron://foo/missing-note]] and / or [[dendron://bar/missing-note]] will be recognized as a missing note and will be listed as candidates.


  • support hiding hierarchy view on published page (docs)
  • GitPunchcard support multi-vault (docs)
  • support toggling vault initialization behavior at startup (docs)
  • support migrating old note refs to new note refs (docs)

Bug Fixes

  • correct hiearchyDisplayTitle to hierarchyDisplay option (BREAKING)
  • fix spurious getVault errors

House Cleaning

  • removed all old style refs from dendron-site
  • formal deprecation notice for old style refs (((ref: )) syntax) - they will be removed in the next release. use doctor to upgrade




Browse Current File

  • shortcuts: None

Open the github repository (if it exists) of the current note. If you have a multi vault workspace with different git repositories, this command will


  • wikilinks to missing vaults will display an error instead of throwing one
  • ability to disable legacy refs (docs)
  • add xkcd to vault presets (docs)
  • 5x faster markdown pod import using plugin šŸš€ šŸš€ šŸš€
  • toggle katex settings from config (docs)

Bug Fixes

  • displaying children hierarchies fails on stub notes
  • empty query doesn't display all root nodes when multi-vault




Markdown Export

The export markdown pod will take Dendron markdown and convert it to regular markdown. Dendron specific markup like wikilinks will be converted to their markdown equivalent.


  • type: export

Create a vega punchard visualization of your commits. This will output two files at the destination:

  • commits.csv
  • index.html

You can then see this using a HTML server.

  • Instructions:
dendron exportPod  --wsRoot . --podId dendron.gitpunchard --config "dest=/tmp/vega" 
cd /tmp/vega
python -m http.server


  • disable git linking on a per note basis (docs)
  • set a custom path for git url (docs)
  • dendron-cli is now named dendron (dendron-cli will continue to work)
  • buildSiteV2 has been renamed to buildSite (buildSiteV2 will continue to work but is now considered deprecated)
  • add tldr to remote vault presets (docs)
  • support useFMTitle when publishing to markdown
  • fix link textwrap issue when publishing for mobile

House Cleaning

  • consolidate engine-server and common-server tests into engine-test-utils



Password protected sites

You can now use managed publishing with a password. Note that you'll need sprout membership to use the feature.


  • control display for children links (docs)
  • skipLevels also applies to children lins
  • useNoteTitleForLink also applies to note references
  • importing from markdown is now 5x faster šŸš€šŸš€šŸš€
    • NOTE: this is only for the CLI
  • a bunch of new options when importing a pod (docs)
  • show progress bar when importing pod from plugin

Bug Fixes

  • dendron will check if dependencies are actually installed before trying to preview your site
  • remove un-used extensions
  • failure when importing large amounts of markdown files using import pod

House Cleaning

  • importing a pod now requires a vaultName parameter (previous, we just defaulted to the first vault)





  • status: šŸš§

Dendron can now generate a changelog for your published site. Note that this feature is currently experimental and will only generate the changelog for your latest commit. It also requires that you be using git to store your notes. When enabled, this will add Changelog to your nav bar which will have your most recent commit.

House Cleaning

  • all tests are now jest style tests



Custom Domain Names

Dendron now supports custom domain names for managed publishing. You can find docs here. Note that this feature is currently limited to environmentalist .


  • Add paste link command (docs)
  • don't throw fatal error on bad wikilink
  • don't throw fatal error if siteUrl not set while in dev
  • add remark-containers plugin docs

Bug Fixes

  • refs don't include children or backlinks
  • clean dendron.yml after removing a vault


Bug Fixes

  • issue with mixed case file names




Cross vault links are a way of exactly specifying a note in a multi vault workspace. You can turn a regular link into a cross vault link by adding dendron://$vaultName/ prefix where $vaultName is the name of your vault.

Some examples:

  • regular wiki link: [[dendron://vault/foo]]
  • wiki link with alias: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo]]
  • relative link: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo#header1]]

You can also use cross vault links for note references.

  • note ref: ![[dendron://vault/foo]]


  • you can now add a workspace when adding a remote vault (docs)
  • better block quotes (docs)
  • better formatted backlinks on published pages
  • backlinks display using note title instead of file names
  • copy note commands will create a cross vault link when in multi-vault environment

Bug Fixes

  • selecting non-primary root note in dendron tree
  • bad backlinks created for home page
  • issue with hierarchies for mixed case parents


  • new docs on using dendron for blogging

House Cleaning

  • table of contents on published sites is now a remark extension, header changed to children
  • jekyll publishing has been renamed to legacy publishing
  • lots of internal refactoring of code



Custom Pods

We now have custom pod support

Custom pods can be developed by anyone ans a NodeJS package and used after a user installs it in their workspace. They can be used with either the dendron-cli or from within the Dendron extension to import/export/publish your notes from/to anywhere

  • NOTE: at the current time, custom pods can only be run using dendron-cli. We're working on building them into the plugin within the next couple of weeks
  • NOTE: currently, only custom pods for publishing is supported. We're working on adding support for import and export pods

If you are interested in developing your own publishing pod, you can docs to do so here

Dev.to Pod

As an example of what you can do with a custom pod, we created the Dev.to Pod (Private) which lets you publish your notes to dev.to


  • backlinks in published sites

This is the equivalent to the backlinks panel when using the desktop app.

Backlinks are automatically deduped and also work in a multi-vault setting.

Bug Fixes

  • delete node sometimes fails in multi-vault
  • publishing multi-vault will sometimes not work if multiple domain notes
  • unable to select root of multi-vault notes in tree view

House Cleaning

  • if you're working on the codebase, dendron.code-workspace has been renamed to dendron-main.code-workspace
    • this helps if you're working on dendron while having dendron installed since Dendron, prior to this change, would also activate when you were editing the code