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Modifiers allow you to update the behavior of lookup. You can trigger a modifier by clicking on the modifier icon or passing custom arguments to dendron.lookup when defining a custom keyboard shortcut.

Modifiers are divided into 6 categories:

  • filter
  • selection
  • note
  • split
  • effect
  • other


Filter notes that show up during lookup


By default, unless you are at the root of your workspace, dendron does a fuzzy search of all notes that match your current hierarchy prefix. This is useful to see your entire sub-tree in one glance but can be overwhelming if you have a lot of notes.

Dendron's directChildFilter is a toggle that limits lookup to just the next level in the tree. This is useful for exploring your hierarchy one level at a time.

  • filter all notes that are not the direct children of the current note


Determines behavior of selected text when creating a new note via lookup


selection is extracted to newly created note (default)

selection is turned into a link to newly created note. note path is set to {current-path}.{slug-of-selection}

  • a slug is the human readable portion of an url

  • you can control this behavior using dendron.linkSelectAutoTitleBehavior

  • type: string
  • default: slug
  • options: ['none', 'slug']

Control title behavior when using selection2link with lookup


Modifies note path


Create a journal note


create a scratch note


If set, open note in a new split


When opening a note via lookup, you can decide to have the note open in a horizontal split.This works when you're creating new notes or opening an existing note


Effects modify lookup in additional ways that are not covered by the other modification categories


You can toggle multi-select within lookup. This lets you work with multiple notes at once. You can combine this with other modifiers like splitType and the copyWikiLink modifier.

Copy the results of a lookup as a wikilink.

Other Modifiers

Dendron has a few additional modifiers that can only be set programatically


If set, select first option from lookup without confirmation

  • type: boolean


If set, have a custom value for lookup. This will chain with other modifiers like noteType

  • type: string


  • create lookup with initial value of people.
    "key": "alt+l p",
    "command": "dendron.lookup",
    "args": {
        "value": "people."
  • create lookup with initial value of meet.{journal-format}`
    "key": "alt+l m",
    "command": "dendron.lookup",
    "args": {
      "noteType": "journal",
      "value": "meet"