Dendron has special roles for members of its community.

Adding a role

If you'd like to credit someone for work, you can simply ask the contribution bot (contribution-key): @all-contributors please add @<username> for <contributions>.

Common keys are:

  • bug
  • doc
  • code
  • financial

You can either use the bot in the relevant GitHub issue OR in the gratitude issue.

You can see the list of contributors here.


Bug Catcher

A Bug Catcher is a member who found a reproducible bug in Dendron.


Dendrologist are active members of the Dendron community. They play a vital role in helping new members get started and setting best practices for Dendron and its community.

Dendrologist help shape Dendron's roadmap and community standards. They also gain additional Discord super powers like creating channels, pinning messages, and other moderation capabilities.


Environmentalist are members that show their support by making monthly financial contributions to Dendron.

Environmentalist get a special Discord role, early access to new features, special channels, and other goodies.

There are currently four levels of environmentalist plans:

  • seed
  • sprout
  • tree
  • forest


A Farmer is a member who has contributed to Dendron-related tooling or Dendron-compatible projects.


A Horticulturalist is a member who contributed to the Dendron code base.


A Planter is a member who published their notes using Dendron


A Scout is a member who submitted an entry for crop or submitted at least one Dendron Reading Series suggestion that gets published. For information on community surveys: Dendron Blog - Community Reports.

Early Bird

An Early Bird is a member who has submitted at least one feedback survey as part of testing features in preview.

These members also get access to the early-preview channel.


A Seeder is a member who referred a fellow gardener to Dendron.


A Speaker is a member who spoke at a Dendron event (eg. Greenhouse)


A Surveyor is a member who completed at least one Dendron survey. For information on community surveys: Dendron Blog - Community Reports.


A Taxonomist is a member who improved the Dendron documentation.

Internal Roles

Dendron Team

This role is to update everyone in the Dendron core team