Learn about all of the Discord channels below.


New members joining the community: the channels under the Welcome category are a good place to start.


If you'd like to connect with folks with similar goals for note taking, the easiest way to get started is by introducing yourself in #intros. I copy our intro template below:

:earth_asia: where you're based
:briefcase:  what you do
:map: how you found out about dendron
:head_bandage: biggest challenge with note taking
:call_me: things you're interested in being messaged about
:bird: a link to your social media


This is the same as the landing page of Discord.


Here you can assign yourself special roles in the Dendron Discord within this channel:

  • Set the ServerNotify role if you're interested in getting notified (a few times a week) about CROP requests, office hours and more (in addition to regular release announcements). You will be notified with any messages using the @ServerNotify tag.
  • Set the Dev Role if you are interested in getting notified about dev-specific Dendron announcements. You will be notified with any messages using the @Dev tag.
  • Set the PublishNotify role if you are interested in getting notified about Dendron announcements related to using Dendron's publishing features, publishing templates, and documentation. You will be notified with any messages using the @PublishNotify tag.


This is a voice channel used for Dendron Onboarding, and should only be visible or available to join when an onboarding is scheduled with the Dendron team.


All about using Dendron: the channels under the Product category are a good place to get talk about all things related to using Dendron.


General announcements about Dendron, the community, and more: those go out here.


Latest release highlights!


What do you want to see us build next? Give us feedback on Dendron here, and don't forget to vote on a CROP Event every week.


A CROP (Community Request ) is an issue that is submitted and voted on by the community.

Every two weeks, we post three issues in the #feedback (Discord invite) channel. These are a combination of issues that are:

  1. Requested by the community (with >5 upvotes),
  2. New issues that people have recently expressed interest in, or
  3. Feasible to do (or make substantial progress) within a week.

A list of all current crops can be found on github


We take a quick poll over the weekend (opens Wednesday and closes on Monday) and put the most popular issue in our immediate sprint backlog. However, we don't commit to any specific timeline for delivering on CROP issues, so not to create expectations, but the development team will start working on them.

If you're particularly interested in an issue being included as part of next CROP, that's good feedback too and we'll do our best to honor your requests. Don't worry if an issue doesn't make it, we have a bi-weekly rotation of issues so it's bound to come back in soon.


Got questions? Meet answers!


Share your cool note taking tricks and VS Code ninjutsu!


Share and discuss schemas.


Troubleshooting, implementation, and other discussion around using Multi Vault Setup workspaces.


Discussions on working with your Dendron notes on mobile devices.


A bot-managed feed from Dendron's GitHub Discussions.


A channel for all things related to Dendron Publishing


A channel for Early Bird users.

An Early Bird is a member who has submitted at least one feedback survey as part of testing features in preview.

These members also get access to the early-preview channel.


Members looking to contribute to the Dendron project: the channels under the Contributors category are a good place to get involved.


This is a private chat/text channel for Environmentalist members.

Environmentalist are members that show their support by making monthly financial contributions to Dendron.

Environmentalist get a special Discord role, early access to new features, special channels, and other goodies.

There are currently four levels of environmentalist plans:

  • seed
  • sprout
  • tree
  • forest


This is a private voice channel for Environmentalist members.


All things developer-centric.

dev-talk voice channel

The voice channel for dev contributors.


All about using Dendron: the channels under the Community category are a good place to interact with fellow members during events, general chat, and for sharing workflows.


If you feel more people need to see a particular message, then give it a star emoji reaction. When messages are given more than one star emoji, in the other public Dendron Discord channels, a bot shares them to this channel.


Give recognition to gardeners that have helped you out!


@{username}: what you appreciate them for


General chat about all the things.


This is a Discord stage channel. It may be used more in the future, but due to lacking video or screensharing support, this only makes sense for things like panel discussions.


This text channel is used during events like Office Hours and New User Tuesdays. Voice chat is referenced in the teatime voice channel.

You're free to discuss anything at all in the #teatime channel. To help, we encourage using the pinned Dendron Reading Series read as a starting point.

teatime voice channel

Want to voice chat with your fellow dendronites? Jump in here. Text chat is referenced in the #teatime channel. This channel is also used for Dendron events such as Office Hours and New User Tuesdays.


Discussion of academia-related subjects. A great place for students, teachers, and researchers.


How do you take notes? PARA? Zettelkasten? Something else entirely? Talk about it here.


What cool things have you done with Dendron?


Books, blogs, journals, discord threads, and more. Anything that you feel is worth sharing.


People sharing the podcasts and soundtracks to their lives.


Place to share other tools and utilities related to managing knowledge.


TIL this channel is a great place to share discoveries about Dendron or anything else!