Special Notes


Dendron comes with built-in special notes that could be used out of the box for variety of use cases.


Start writing notes instantly

Special notes are well structured and automatically organized. This means you can start writing and stop worrying about where your notes should go.

Built-in Best Practices

Special notes come with built-in schemas and templates applied to them out of the box. You can use this as-is, or customize them for your own needs.

Getting Started

Take a look at the various built in special notes described below, and create them using the associated commands.

Each special note also describes related configurations, templates, and schemas that you could use to extend their capabilities as your use case evolves over time.


Journal Note

Journal notes are self contained notes that are meant to track something over time.

Daily Journal Note

Daily journal notes are the central place to organize your everyday tasks.

Scratch Note

Scratch notes are self contained notes that are meant to be used as scratch pads.

Meeting Note

Meeting notes help you keep track of meetings by providing a structured default to capture notes, attendees and next steps.

Task Note

Task notes are a special type of note that represent a task.

Proxy Note

Proxy notes are notes that contain special property in their frontmatter to specify that they are a proxy for a specific uri.