Create links to various locations using basic and extended syntax.

Dendron provides many ways to create links between notes and assets. This range from regular markdown links to extended syntax such as wikilinks, file links, and much more.


Whether the resource you're linking to is on your hard drive or on the internet, Dendron lets you quickly create a link to it.

See at a glance all notes that link to the current note with backlinks.

Hover over links to get rich previews to get the context before opening navigating to the link.

Use autocomplete or the Dendron: Insert Note Link command to create a link to an existing note. You can also use Dendron: Copy Note Link to create a link from an open note or file.

Navigate through links without leaving the keyboard using Dendron: Go to. If the link is a website or a custom file format, Dendron will use your system default program to open the link

Connect the docts using the Graph View

Getting Started

Here is a list of resource that will help you start using links in your notes:


Wiki links are links surrounded by the two pairs of opening and closing brackets (eg. [[hello]])

A block link is a Wiki Link that links to Block Anchors.

A file link is a Wiki Link that links to files in your workspace that are not Dendron notes, or not in a Dendron vault.

A child link is a link to a child note created at the end of the note when you view your notes using note preview, or in a published site.

Backlinks are links that point to the current note

Wikilinks that specify which vault it belongs to in a multi vault workspace.

Markdown links are the default way to create links using Markdown.