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Dendron supports multiple types of links and formats.

  • [markdown links](./
  • [[wiki links]]
  • [[labelled|wiki links]]
  • ![image links](
  • links to [local files](assets/think.pdf) (eg. pdfs, psds, etc)

Markdown links can be used for local files and stuff on the internet (websites, images, blogs etc.). The Markdown Shortcuts: Toggle hyperlink command makes this operation really easy. You can even bind this to a shortcut key combination. We'd recommend using 'cmd/ctrl + K' to get the usual application behavior or 'cmd/ctrl + U' if you want to continue using ctrl+k as part of the usual VSCode combo operation.

Wiki links support autocomplete. To initiate:

  • create wikilink brackets and start typing
  • link to specific sections of notes using the [[wiki link#header]] syntax.
    • NOTE: relative links will not go to the anchor if clicked on the preview, in that case, it becomes a normal link to the file
    • NOTE2: doesn't work when exported through a pod
  • use the vscode intellisense shortcut to trigger the autocomplete

When you publish your notes, Dendron shows all children of the note at the bottom.

Dendron has a backlink panel which shows all notes with links to the current note. This will also show up underneath children Links on published pages.

Block References

Block references let you link or embed blocks of text into different parts of your notes. This allows you to link and refer to any part of a note, including paragraphs, lists, and tables.

We currently (2021.06.04) do not support, but are working on:

  • block references in the preview
  • auto-complete support for block references


For links to a file format Dendron does not support, you can use the highlight the link and use > Dendron: Open Link to open the file using your operating system default for that file. This also applies to opening paths to folders.

Cross vault links are a way of exactly specifying a note in a multi vault workspace. You can turn a regular link into a cross vault link by adding dendron://$vaultName/ prefix where $vaultName is the name of your vault.

Some examples:

  • regular wiki link: [[dendron://vault/foo]]
  • wiki link with alias: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo]]
  • relative link: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo#header1]]

You can also use cross vault links for note references.

  • note ref: ![[dendron://vault/foo]]


  1. Block References