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Dendron supports multiple types of links and formats.

  • [markdown links](./
  • [[wiki links]]
  • [[labelled|wiki links]]
  • ![image links](
  • links to [local files](assets/think.pdf) (eg. pdfs, psds, etc)

Markdown links can be used for local files and stuff on the internet (websites, images, blogs etc.). The Markdown Shortucts: Toggle hyperlink command makes this operation really easy. You can even bind this to a shortcut key combination. We'd recommend using 'cmd/ctrl + K' to get the usual application behavior or 'cmd/ctrl + U' if you want to continue using ctrl+k as part of the usual VSCode combo operation.

Wiki links support autocomplete. To initiate:

  • create wikilink brackets and start typing
  • link to specific sections of notes using the [[wiki link#header]] syntax.
    • NOTE: relative links will not go to the anchor if clicked on the preview, in that case, it becomes a normal link to the file
    • NOTE2: doesn't work when exported through a pod
  • use the vscode intellisense shortcut to trigger the autocomplete

When you publish your notes, Dendron shows all children of the note at the bottom.

Dendron has a backlink panel which shows all notes with links to the current note. This will also show up underneath children Links on published pages.

For links to a file format Dendron does not support, you can use the highlight the link and use > Dendron: Open Link to open the file using your operating system default for that file. This also applies to opening paths to folders.

Cross vault links are a way of exactly specifying a note in a multi vault workspace. You can turn a regular link into a cross vault link by adding dendron://$vaultName/ prefix where $vaultName is the name of your vault.

Some examples:

  • regular wiki link: [[dendron://vault/foo]]
  • wiki link with alias: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo]]
  • relative link: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo#header1]]

You can also use cross vault links for note references.

  • note ref: ![[dendron://vault/foo]]