2022-01-19 Office Hours

Office Hours

January 19th, 2022

Release notes:


  • Change Workspace and Initialize Workspace both provide file explorers

  • Markdown Import Pod provides cleaner imports


  • dendron.json - import json

  • dendron.markdown - import markdown

  • dendron.githubissue - import github issues

  • dendron.gdoc - import google doc

  • New Lookup View: Shows lookup modifiers


  • Selection - determine the behavior of selected text in the active editor when creating a new note using lookup

  • Effect Type - various lookup options (copynoteLink, multiSelect)t

  • Split horizontally - Open lookup result to the side

  • Apply Direct Child Filter -Limits lookup depth to one level and filters out stub notes

  • GitHub Pages with GitHub Actions has been updated based on community feedback

  • Do you know of VS Code extensions, note taking workflow links, and other resources you want to share with the Dendron community? Contribute to the discussion about an awesome list!


  • Publishing Discussion
    • Stephen: separate repo for published notes
    • Luke: different url for every version of publishing
    • Kevin: Create diff’s of publishing that are notes, available at a ‘changelog’ url that can also be referenced insite the site


Notes around questions asked during office hours


  • Hyun Ik Choi: I just checked this. This is part of the sanity checking logic in the publish commands that didn't get cleaned up. Thanks for bringing this up. This should be removed.