The Dendron workbench is the overall Dendron User Interface (UI) that surrounds the editor.


The Dendron Workbench consists of the following components:

  1. The Dendron SideBar
  2. The Editor
  3. Custom Web Views
  4. VSCode Built-in Sidebar Views

Dendron Wrokbench

The Dendron SideBar

The Dendron Sidebar contains a list of custom Dendron views that help you navigate, organize, and make use of your information.

The backlinks panel shows you all backlinks to the current note.

Backlinks Dark

Dendron Calendar View

The Dendron Calendar View lets you view your daily journal in calendar form.

Dendron Tree View

The Tree View shows you the hierarchy of your notes

Dendron Tree View

The Editor

The editor is the text editor where you edit notes in Dendron.

Custom WebViews

These are custom components built by Dendron.

VSCode Built-in Sidebar Views

VSCode native side panel views that work well with Dendron

Outline View

Updating Outline

The outline can be sorted a variety of ways. You can control this by clicking the three dots on the side.

Output View

Open the command palette and type >View: Toggle Output to toggle the output view.

You can filter the output by application by using the dropdown menu.

  1. Contextual UI
  2. Cook