dendron.yml located at the root of your workspace.

It can be modified using the Configure (yaml) command.

All commands are grouped by scope except those mentioned underneath Legacy Configuration


Validation and AutoComplete

Dendron can provide validation when you edit the raw yaml using theConfigure (yaml) Command (Private). In order to do so, you must have the redhat.vscode-yaml extension installed (this is a recommended extension for Dendron) The validator provides autocomplete, documentation & warnings when editing dendron.yml. Here's a few examples of what it looks like:

Hover over values to see documentation

Hover over values to see documentation

Autocomplete existing values

Autocomplete existing values

Validate existing values

Validate existing values

Legacy Configuration

We are currently in the middle of a major overhaul of configuration namespaces, and is subject to change in a weekly basis. All configurations described in this section will gradually be marked as "deprecated" as we move them to a better place.


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use initialValue instead.

Execute Insert Note (Private) with the hierarchy prefilled.


  • default: false
  • status: experimental 🚧

Turn on to enable changelogs


  • default: Children

Controls the title for children links in published sites


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use confirmVaultOnCreate instead.

With this set, you will be prompted to select the vault location each time you create a note when you have multiple vaults in your workspace.


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use bubbleUpCreateNew (Private) instead.

  • default: false

With this set to true: Create new will NOT bubble up to the top when using Note Lookup. Use this setting when your workflow largely consists of lookups and you want to keep Create new as the last entry in the look up results.


  • default: true

Turn on to enable mermaid support for publishing.


Disable Dendron caching


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use disableTelemetry instead.

Disable telemetry


  • default: true
  • frontmatter: true

Disable Dendron showing hierarchies on published pages


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use enableRemoteVaultInit instead.

  • default: true

Determines if Dendron pulls in un-initialized remote vault at startup


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use enableAutoCreateOnDefinition instead.

  • default: true

If a note doesn't exist, don't create it via the GoToDefinition

This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use enableXVaultWikiLink instead.

If set, disable Cross Vault Links when using Copy Note Link (Private) and Insert Note Index (Private).


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use randomNote instead.

Configures the set of notes to include and exclude when using the Random Note (Private) command.


  • default: false

Turn on to enable remark-container support


When set to true, use frontmatter as title when publishing.


  • default: true

Turn on Katex support for publishing.


  • default: true

Enables user tags support.


  • default: true

Enables hashtags support.

If true, use the note title when displaying naked links when published. This also applies to note references.

  • NOTE: this is not yet fully supported for multi-vault. specifically, cross vault links are not yet supported


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use insertNoteIndex instead.

Configures how Insert Note Index (Private) works.


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use enableMarker instead.

  • default: false

If set to true, the inserted note index block will be wrapped between a marker like so:

<!-- Autogenerated Index Start -->
## Index
- [[Child|foo.child]]
<!-- Autogenerated Index End -->


  • default: true

If set to false, don't use pretty refs when publishing.


  • default: false

Do not display the automatically generated colors for tags in the editor. Only tag colors set by the user are used, other tags won't have colors and will look like regular links.


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use workspaceVaultSyncMode instead.

  • default: noCommit

See workspace sync configuration options for valid options.

Sets the synchronization strategy for workspace vaults. For regular vaults, please use the per-vault configuration.


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use enableAutoFoldFrontmatter instead.

  • default: true

When set to true, Dendron will automatically fold the frontmatter when opening new notes. This includes newly created notes, and existing notes that are being opened for the first time in this session of Visual Studio Code.


This setting is scheduled for deprecation πŸ“†

Use vaults instead.

Tracks vaults for the workspace. You shouldn't have to manually edit this value. This is updated automatically when you first initialize a workspace and when you add or remove vaults to your workspace.

Vault properties:

See Vault Configuration


Development configuration covers option to enable experimental πŸ§ͺ features and when working on Dendron.


  • default: false

Enables turning on Dendron's new web ui. Currently (2021.05.20), this means enabling the new Antd based tree view


It will work by adding it under the dev section (which is not created in default).

    enableWebUI: true

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