2021-12-22 Office Hours

Office Hours


December 22nd, 2021

Release notes:


  • Wikilinks: New features and enhancements

    • Can be used to navigate to files, not just Dendron notes
      • These can be wikilinks inside of code blocks
      • can't get the preview of files that aren't dendron notes
    • Copy Note Link can be used to generate wikilinks to these files
    • be able to keep your context with the code
    • Now F2compatible (Rename Symbol): Allows for renaming a note directly via a wikilink
  • Getting Started Guide refresh: Visit the Getting Started Docs

    • Updated screenshots, definitions and added extra features (e.g. refactoring, rename)
    • we now have an asset hierarchy and we can just update the image inside that asset node and everywhere that node references embedded, it will automatically update
    • Conclusion tab updated (trail, forest, wilderness sections)
    • User guide with different areas
  • Note traits:Dendron's new trait system allows you to create custom behavior and apply it to certain notes. This means you can have special actions take place at note creation, like automated updates to the name and title. Jump into the note traits quickstart to take it for a test drive. -still under experimental -control how hierarchies are generated -adding customer behavior on your notes -define type of notes



Notes around questions asked during office hours

  1. Note traits, how it relates to existing functionality of hooks?
  2. How to convince others to use Dendron instead of notion?