Getting Started


This walkthrough will help you get started with Dendron. Before you start, make sure you do the following:

  • installed VSCode or a VSCode compatible editor like VSCodium
  • installed Dendron from the code marketplace
  • initialize your first Dendron workspace

When you first install Dendron, you can click on the green Initialize Workspace button on the Welcome screen to initialize your first workspace. Then, pick a location to store your notes, and you'll be brought to the tutorial experience, which will contain notes with the same tutorial content here.

Welcome Screen

💡 If you don't see this Welcome screen, then you can open it back up by typing Ctrl+P / Cmd+P to bring up the command palette, and then running Dendron: Launch Tutorial to bring up this Welcome screen again.

Welcome Screen

Start the Tutorial

  1. Learn the basics of the Dendron UI


  1. Navigation Basics
  2. Taking Notes
  3. Linking Notes
  4. Rich Formatting
  5. Conclusion