The Dendron Sidebar contains a list of custom Dendron views that help you navigate, organize, and make use of your information.


The backlinks panel shows you all backlinks to the current note.

Backlinks Dark

Graph Panel

The graph panel shows the Local Note Graph of the current opened note.

Local Graph View

Lookup View

  • status: #stage.germ
  • NOTE: this is only for Mac & Windows at this time

This view lets you see the status of the lookup operation that is being done. When you use Dendron: Lookup Note, you will notice that a view called Lookup View will appear along with the lookup bar if you have the side bar opened. This view will disappear once the lookup has been confirmed or cancelled.

  1. Backlinks Panel
  2. Calendar View
  3. Config
  4. Graph Panel
  5. Help and Feedback
  6. Lookup View
  7. Recent Workspaces
  8. Tip of the Day
  9. Tree View