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This goes over some best practices when using Dendron for teams. To get started, you can use this quickstart.


  • core
    • {company}: your main workspace. unless there's a good reason, your notes should go here.
    • user-{name}: individual specific vaults
  • optional
    • {company}-public: material you want to share publicly (eg. FAQs, documentation, blogs, etc)
    • {company}-private: material you never want to share publicly


  • NOTE: you can get a copy of these schemas by adding this vault
  • company.yml
    • this reflects your company hierarchy
  • team.yml
    • this is used for your team
  • user.yml
    • this is used for users

Other Hiearchies

  • standup
    • standup.journal.*: good for < 10 people
    • once you expand, you can division standup journals into teams
      • team.{name}.standup.journal.*
    • you can use note references to include standup updates from users individual user hiearchy

Example Workspace

├── .
├── dendron.code-workspace
├── dendron.yml
├── acme/
│   ├──
│   ├── acme.onboarding
│   ├── team.backend.onboarding
│   ├── team.backend.journal.2020.03.29
│   └── ...
├── user-alice
│   └── user.alice.journal.2020.03.29
└── user-bob
    └── user.bob.journal.2020.03.29

Helpful Commands

When you're working with multiple repositories, here are a few useful commands to use:

Vault Add (docs)

Adding vaults to your team's workspace is as easy as running this command and pointing to either a local or remote vault.

Move note (docs)

Move note will allow you to move notes quickly from one vault to another (potentially to make it public or provide more strict access control).

Refactor Hierarchy (Commands)

Use the refactor hierarchy command to bulk-move notes from one hierarchy/structure to another.

Workspace: Add and Commit

Easier management of multiple repos

More helpful stuff

Sync git repos

You can use the source code panel to pull all repos and push all repos. Download the gitlens extension and use the commits panel to push and pull everything at once.

Team Workflow Recommendations


  1. Quickstart