2022-01-05 Office Hours

Office Hours

January 5th, 2022

Release notes:


  • Template Variables

  • At Dendron, we do daily journals instead of standup. Every morning, I have a task to review daily journals from the team. My template used to include dd placeholder which I would copy and replace, but now I just use the template variables ``` Before - review daily journals - [ ][user.kaan.journal.2022.01.dd]] - [ ][user.jonathan.journal.2022.01.dd]] - [ ][user.hikchoi.journal.2022.01.dd]] - … After - review daily journals - [ ][user.kaan.journal.2022.01.{{CURRENT_DAY}}]] - [ ][user.jonathan.journal.2022.01.{{CURRENT_DAY}}]] - [ ][user.hikchoi.journal.2022.01.{{CURRENT_DAY}}]] ```

  • Making Your First Schema: Blog post

    • Also in Dendron wiki

    • Inline schemas - allow indented format

  • Dendron: Show Preview for regular markdown files

    • We will continue to add features
  • Dendron: Delete Node comes with prompting, and will also show breaking links

    • You will see prompt if you want to proceed in deleting the note
    • FYI on broken links
  • Dendron: Convert Link powers: change link format for special types

    • Use to different tags to reference to have all the backlinks appear on a particular page
  • Backlink View: Toggle sort order in workspace

    • sorted by the most recently updated



Notes around questions asked during office hours

  1. Examples of dendron with code workflow?
  2. Is there a reason the command is called "delete node" rather than "delete note" - is there a difference between a node and a note?
  • Delete nodes because it works on schemas as well as on notes
  • A note is a special type of node that is of the note type
  • A schema is a special node that says schema type.
  • You can use Delete node to delete both schemas and notes
  1. Is the default root domain for user tags configurable?


  • Hyun Ik Choi: I just checked this. This is part of the sanity checking logic in the publish commands that didn't get cleaned up. Thanks for bringing this up. This should be removed.