Making Your First Schema


As you write more notes, you might find yourself re-using the same template across multiple notes. You can use schemas to automatically apply a template to notes at a given hierarchy.

In this tutorial, we will walkthrough creating a schema for your daily journal that can automatically apply The Five Minute Journal to all your entries.


  • Schemas are cross vault. If you have multiple schemas with same starting pattern, the last schema loaded takes precedence.
  • Every level in the schema needs to have children

Daily journal notes

Daily journal notes are the central place to organize your everyday tasks.


Templates are notes whose content can be copied to other notes.

Templates can either be applied into an open note with the Apply Template, or automatically applied at note creation with Schemas, or through Create New with Template option during lookup.


Schema help you apply consistent structure to all your notes.

As you end up creating more notes, it can be hard to manage them at scale. Think of schemas as an optional type system for your notes that describe the hierarchy of your data and are represented as a hierarchy, themselves.

One of the primary capabilities for schema is to automatically insert templates into new notes.


Create 5MJ template

  • Open lookup (Ctrl+L / Cmd+L)

  • Type templates.daily-5mj in the text prompt and hit enter to create the template

  • Copy and paste the following markdown:

Based on the journaling method created by Intelligent Change:
- [Intelligent Change: Our Story](
- [The Five Minute Journal](

## Morning

<!-- Fill out this section after waking up -->

### Gratitude

I am grateful for:


### What would make today great?


### Daily affirmations

I am...

## Evening

<!-- Fill out this section before going to sleep, reflecting on your day -->

### Amazing things that happened today


### How could I have made today even better?

I could have made today better by
  • Save the file.

You now have a new template with the 5MJ outline.

Create 5MJ schema

Templates can be used with or without schemas. Run Apply Template to insert a template into the currently opened note.

  • Open schema lookup (Ctrl+Shift+L / Cmd+Shift+L)
  • Type 5mj in the text prompt and hit enter to create the schema, which should look like the following:
version: 1
imports: []
  - id: 5mj
    children: []
    title: 5mj
    parent: root

Update 5MJ schema contents

We are going to use Inline Schema, which is a simpler form of schema taking less configuration lines while using indentation for visual understanding.

  • Replace the content of 5mj.schema.yml with the following:
version: 1
# Daily is the top most schema since its parent is 'root' it must have an identifier
# this identifier 'daily' will be used when using 'Lookup (schema)' command.
- id: daily
  parent: root
  title: daily
  desc: ""
  # Children of the top most schema do not need to contain identifier and just 
  # require a 'pattern' to be set to match the hierarchy of notes.
    - pattern: journal
          # This pattern matches the YYYY (year) child hierarchy
        - pattern: "[0-2][0-9][0-9][0-9]"
              # This pattern matches the MM (month) child hierarchy
            - pattern: "[0-1][0-9]"
                  # This pattern matches the DD (day) child hierarchy
                - pattern: "[0-3][0-9]"
                  # As with regular schema we can set the template to be used with
                  # the match of our notes. Below is an example usage of shorthand template
                  # definition (which defaults to type: note). 
                  desc: Five Minute Journal
                  template: templates.daily-5mj

The pattern attribute is using a Glob Pattern, which is an expression used to match ranges and combinations of characters.

To match with the daily journal structure:

  • Example: daily.journal.2021.12.31
  • Patterns:
    • Year: [0-2][0-9][0-9][0-9] means match the range 0000 - 2999
    • Month: [0-1][0-9] means match the range 00 - 19
    • Day: [0-3][0-9] means match the range 00 - 39

This means all new daily journal notes are the pattern ranges.

Create a new daily journal

Creating a daily journal entry should result in the templates.daily-5mj template automatically inserted.

  • Run Create Daily Journal Note (Ctrl+Shift+I / Cmd+Shift+I)

You should see a new daily journal note with the 5MJ template inserted.

Create 5MJ Daily Journal from Schema and Template


Key takeaways

After doing this, you've now:

  • Created a 5MJ template
  • Created a 5MJ schema
  • Created your first daily journal with the 5MJ template applied via schema

Next steps