2022-03-02 Office Hours

Office Hours

March 2nd, 2022

Release notes:


  • Schedule update: Office Hours and New User Tuesdays
  • Migrating configurations, and upgrading dendron-cli
  • Ideas for notifying community
    • Changelogs in templates
    • Discord roles (similar to ServerNotify)
  • Block anchor in code file vs. marked line number
  • Pod V2 advancements
    • Markdown export example, with targeted vault (VS Code)
    • Markdown export example, with targeted vault (CLI)



  • For questions, please add your @{discord-handle}: question
  • @kevins8 (Private): how do I ask questions on the google doc? (example)

Notes around questions asked during office hours

  1. @


  • Hyun Ik Choi: I just checked this. This is part of the sanity checking logic in the publish commands that didn't get cleaned up. Thanks for bringing this up. This should be removed.