Dendron 0.52 has sprouted 🌱


  • Non-blocking workspace initialization (docs)
  • Dendron Markdown Preview Enhanced no longer required (docs)
  • Find missing links in entire workspace (docs)
  • Hide the filter view in the note graph
  • Warn against missing frontmatter (docs)
  • Hashtag autocomplete improvements (docs)
  • Doctor command to automatically fix the frontmatter (docs)
  • Google Doc Import Pod (docs)
  • Ability to control graph zoom sensitivity
  • Bug Fixes
    • Reduce size of Dendron CLI
    • Hashtag links duplicate following text
    • Issues with parsing wikilinks with unicode and special symbols
    • Autocomplete takes a long time
  • A lot of internal improvements


Our documentation changes a lot week by week. Below is a highlight of some updates from the past week.


Office Hours

You can find notes from our latest office hours here

Greenhouse Series

In Greenhouse talks, Dendron community members share the fruits of their learning. This may include showcasing workflows, tooling setups, systems, and other topics in personal knowledge management, but also anything that the speaker has in-depth knowledge of that may be of interest to the wider community.

All talks are recorded and made available on YouTube after the fact.

Video from our last talk, A Day in Dendron, is now available here

Details of the upcoming talk this Friday with our very own @hikchoi (Private)#8934 posted below


In this talk, Mark will walk you through his personal digital garden Cerebrarium, and discuss how he uses Dendron to organize knowledge for his personal interests.

  • Date: 2021.07.30
  • Time: 7:30AM PDT
  • Location: Zoom


  • How I found Dendron and why I stayed.
  • Overview of how my workspace is set up today.
  • What goes in? What stays? What comes out?: How I tend my garden.
  • Separation of concerns: I still love pen and paper.
  • Concepts from popular systems I borrow and implement in my garden to make it work.
  • Moving forward: Ideas for next session.


Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here


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