Office Hours

  • date: 2022-04-06


Focus of last month was performance & stability. Early preview of self contained vaults


  • fast hover
  • fast preview
  • fast editing
  • various other performance improvements


  • missing local vault won't crash
  • fix remote vaults that are missing
  • issue when title is not string in note frontmatter
  • lookup can miss characters on quick input
  • broken autocomplete
  • issues with markdown, gdoc and airtable pods
  • lots of bug fixes

self contained vaults

We launched self contained vaults in early preview this past month. This lets you work with vaults without the need of a workspace.

If you'd like to participate in our early preview, please fill out this survey. We'll send you special instructions, and you'll be added to #early-preview (Private) on our Discord where we'll offer support and hold discussions.


  • VScode has its own concept of local history. Supported at 1.66 version

  • fast hover

    • can be triggered with a keyboard shortcut
    • by default it is not bind to anything
    • VS code also has a way of peeking into the note. Peeking is seeing the raw note and then

    hovering is seeing the previous version of the note.


Notes around questions asked during office hours

  • @Slaytanical (Private)#9737: will we be able to take like a current hierarchy and use it as the basis for a "new" self-contained vault? like split it off?

Ans: Yes. You can actually do that today by creating a new vault with the help of Vault Add command in Dendron.