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This is a synopsis of the topics we covered in the getting started tutorial. It also contains a bunch of additional topics for further reading.

The Trail 🥾

This section covers the basics of Dendron. Get started on the right foot and start growing your knowledge base.

Part 1

Part 2

The Woods 🌲

This section covers advanced functionality in Dendron. Become a seasoned backpacker by mastering these trails.

The Wilderness ⛰️

This section covers additional topics and the wider ecosystem around Dendron

  • Find recipes to common operations (or contribute your own)
  • Found an issue or want to submit a feature request? Do so on github
  • See and vote on what's coming next by checking out our public roadmap
  • Stay tuned for more wilderness coming soon!

Other Resources

  • fellow dendrologist Ian Jones made a fantastic video series about getting started with Dendron here