With the coming of August, 2020 is officially on the wane. I think many of us are ready for a fresh start. In the meantime, you can prepare for better times by playing with new Dendron features. Happy gardening! 🌱

With this release, we are also conducting our first Dendron user survey. It's a short survey that should take no more than 3 minutes to fill out and will help inform me on the future growth of Dendron. Your participation is immensely appreciated πŸ™


These release notes are summary of the more notable changes, for the full list, please look at our CHANGELOG


  • 🚧 experimental feature


Dendron has a series of built-in commands. They are all prefixed with Dendron: and can be accessed through the command prompt.

Add Doctor Command

(d4fa71c) (docs)

This makes sure your workspace is up to date. It will execute the following actions:

  • add ids and titles to the frontmatter of all notes that are missing it
  • setup a docs folder if it doesn't exist. Required if you want to publish your notes

Add ShowHelp Command


Dendron will open your current browser to the quickstart (Private) page.


Pods are the mechanisms Dendron uses to import and export notes. Dendron has a different pod depending on where you are getting and publishing your data to.

🚧 Support Publishing Notes

(e063732) (docs (Private))

Dendron lets you publish the contents of your vault, either in its entirety or only a subset. Notes are published under the Dendron Jekyll theme.


Nested Hierarchies

Dendron Jekyll supports the same nested hierarchies as your notes and allows you to navigate via the sidebar.


If you'd rather not click, Dendron Jekyll also supports path-based lookup.

Permanent Ids

Every page is published using its unique ID which means that URLs will never change, even if the filenames do.

Free hosting, custom domain names and SSL Certs

If you have a free GitHub account, then you can host your Dendron notes for free using GitHub Pages

Jekyll Liquid Tags and Variables

  • NOTE: this will only be "compiled" in the published site but won't be rendered in the regular Markdown

Selective Publication

You can choose to publish your whole vault or a single domain within your vault.

  • NOTE: It is not currently possible to publish multiple domains. If you would like this feature, you can vote for it here.

Setup initial workspace to be ready for publishing


All workspaces created from Dendron 0.5 onwards will have all the necessary configuration pre-loaded for publishing.


Think of schemas as an optional type system for your notes. They describe the hierarchy of your data and are themselves, represented as a hierarchy.

Enable lookup for Schemas

(19b4677) (docs)

The process for finding schemas using Dendron is the same as that for finding notes. One lookup to rule them all.

Find Schema

Create Schema

Delete Schema

Schema Templates

(0205d66) (docs)

Schema templates let you specify a pre-defined template that will automatically be applied to all notes that match the template. You can see a video of how this works below.

This is extremely useful whenever you want to re-use the outline of a note. Examples include daily journals, weekly shopping lists, and weekly reviews.

Simpler Schema Syntax


Schema syntax has been simplified. Before we had an extra data field to namespace the namespace field. We flattened all schema attributes to make the syntax more elegant. Note that the old styled data syntax is still supported but we recommend moving to the new syntax as data will be deprecated in a few releases.


Bugfixes for this release

  • Fix issue with Journal Names on Windows (d0bfe7f)
  • Stub nodes should keep parents when deleted (f32f291)
  • Issue with Urls in published site (0ac8e75)


  • CI/CD testing (d6ce68c)
    • Dendron now has continuous integration tests for all pushes.
    • Tests run on mac, linux and windows which means moving forward, there should be fewer OS (aka Windows) related issues
  • Update quickstart docs to showcase new features (aec0fe0)


A teaser of some items we are working on for the next release. You can join the GitHub Discussions, and also take a look at the Dendron Public Roadmap docs.

Refactor Hierarchies

Be able to refactor hierarchies and have all file names and links automatically update. This was supposed to go out in this week's release but there are just a few items left that need to

More Templates and Examples

Many of you have asked for examples of how to best use Dendron. We will be publishing a list of such demos on Dendron

Thank You

Last and most of all, a big thanks to all these people that contributed issues and suggestions during this release.