DEPRECATION NOTICE: This is documentation related to legacy publishing. For the latest guidance, reference the current publishing documentation.


  • status: 🚧

Dendron can now generate a changelog for your published site. Note that this feature is currently experimental and will only generate the changelog for your latest commit. It also requires that you be using git to store your notes. When enabled, this will add Changelog to your nav bar which will have your most recent commit.

Enable Changelogs

Update dendron.yml


  • default: false
  • status: experimental 🚧

Turn on to enable changelogs


The current version of changelogs is deliberately limited as we are iterating on the feature. Currently it will only generate a diff based off the latest local git commit. It also assumes that your entire workspace is versioned using one git repo.


How is this different from a git diff?

The changelog view will only show the diff of any public notes