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Test Workspace

If you want to use a workspace to test changes on the workspace at $REPO_ROOT/test-workspace

Note that this workspace is currently configured to be used with launching a engine server from the command line.


  1. Launch workspace

    cd $REPO_ROOT
  2. Connect to workspace

    In VSCode, select the Run Extnesion: Local build task (copied below for reference)

          "name": "Run Extension",
          "type": "extensionHost",
          "request": "launch",
          "runtimeExecutable": "${execPath}",
          "args": [
          "outFiles": [
          "env": {
            "STAGE": "dev",
            "VSCODE_DEBUGGING_EXTENSION": "dendron"

  3. Run Change Workspace and change into $REPO_ROOT/test-workspace


Use with regular workspace

Remove the following lines in dendron.yml to launch it without the CLI engine server

    nextServerUrl: 'http://localhost:3000'
    engineServerPort: 3005