When developing in VSCode, you can use its remote development to ssh into another machine but keep VSCode as your development frontend.

While installation intsructions are the same, there are some differences when running and testing code which are documented here.


Running Plugin Remotely

Use the Run Extension:Remote launch task to start the extension.


Running All Plugin Tests

This works the same as in local development

Running a single Plugin Test

You'll need to update the following file src/test/suite-integ/index.ts. When running locally, we use an environmental variable that is set from the launch task to specify the current task - this doesn't seem to work when running remotely. You'll need to manually set the fname variable to run a single test

let fname = process.env.TEST_TO_RUN;
// uncomment to run tests remotely
// fname = 'LookupCommand.test'

Running Non-Plugin Tests

Non plugin tests behave the same, whether you're running all of them or a single test.