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7 Graph Rework


This RFC contains Multiple Proposals on how to improve the Graph handling of Dendron.


  • Functional improvements of the Graph
    • View
    • Filtering
    • Coloring
    • Embedding
  • Performance Improvements
  • Connection between Graph's
    • Multi-Vault
    • Other published Gardens and their Graph's see RFC 5
  • Clarify what is part of the Graph.



  • Ownership of the Graph
  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Entry point to a Decentralized Graph
  • Connectivity

Use Cases

  • Graph View improvements
  • Connection of Graphs
  • Verification of Graphs against Schemas


  1. Graph backend
    1. I would propose the implementation of some form of Graph Data Structure Library or Database to Improve how the Graph gets handled
      • Graphology
      • gram.js
      • GunDB / Gun.js
      • Neo4j
    2. Caching of the Graph
      • Only in the extension
      • In a file that gets committed to the vault?
  2. Graph rendering
    1. What customization Options are wanted/needed
      • Coloring
      • Highlighting
      • Hiding
    2. What types of Filters
      • Hierarchical Structure
      • Schema
      • Tags
      • Links
      • Location
      • Text
    3. What Interactions do we want?
      • Just clicking on Nodes
      • The ability to move Nodes from One Hierarchy to another?
      • Creating a Schema from Selected Nodes?
  3. How are the Graphs embedded
    • Code Blocks?
      • rendering of gram.js format?
    • Generate SVGs to embed them?
    • Embed as IMG
      • after exporting from Graph View
    • Referencing a filter so that the Graph updates?


To comment on this Request for comment, feel free to either submit a pull request for changes to it or commenting on Pull requests for this RFC. Additionally, you can comment on the corresponding discussion.




  1. Better Graph View – Design
  2. Graph Backend
  3. Graph Embedding
  4. Graph Rendering
  5. Graph Rework - Hierarchy
  6. Graph Rework - Notes
  7. Graph Rework - Schemas
  8. Library Research
  9. Plan