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7 Graph Rework


This RFC contains Multiple Proposals on how to improve the Graph handling of Dendron.


  • Functional improvements of the Graph
    • View
    • Filtering
    • Coloring
    • Embedding
  • Performance Improvements
  • Connection between Graph's
    • Multi-Vault
    • Other published Gardens and their Graph's see RFC 5
  • Clarify what is part of the Graph.



  • Ownership of the Graph
  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Entry point to a Decentralized Graph
  • Connectivity

Use Cases

  • Graph View improvements
  • Connection of Graphs
  • Verification of Graphs against Schemas


  1. Graph backend
    1. I would propose the implementation of some form of Graph Data Structure Library or Database to Improve how the Graph gets handled
      • Graphology
      • gram.js
      • GunDB / Gun.js
      • Neo4j
    2. Caching of the Graph
      • Only in the extension
      • In a file that gets committed to the vault?
  2. Graph rendering
    1. What customization Options are wanted/needed
      • Coloring
      • Highlighting
      • Hiding
    2. What types of Filters
      • Hierarchical Structure
      • Schema
      • Tags
      • Links
      • Location
      • Text
    3. What Interactions do we want?
      • Just clicking on Nodes
      • The ability to move Nodes from One Hierarchy to another?
      • Creating a Schema from Selected Nodes?
  3. How are the Graphs embedded
    • Code Blocks?
      • rendering of gram.js format?
    • Generate SVGs to embed them?
    • Embed as IMG
      • after exporting from Graph View
    • Referencing a filter so that the Graph updates?


To comment on this Request for comment, feel free to either submit a pull request for changes to it or commenting on Pull requests for this RFC. Additionally, you can comment on the corresponding discussion.




  1. Graph Backend
  2. Graph Embedding
  3. Graph Rendering
  4. Graph Rework - Hierarchy
  5. Graph Rework - Notes
  6. Graph Rework - Schemas