A workspace is a collection of one or more vaults. This is a folder that contains all the files necessary to manage your information in Dendron.


The workspace is the top most folder you create when you run Dendron: Initialize Workspace. It is at the same level where the dendron.yml file is located.

A workspace contains one or more vaults, with a single vault being the most common (see when you might want multiple vaults for scenarios that might require additional vaults)


Workspace Root

The folder that contains files like dendron.yml and dendron.code-workspace is the top-level directory of a workspace, known as the workspace root.

Code Workspace

A workspace that is created using dendron.code-workspace file.

Native Workspace

A workspace that is created with a dendron.yml file and lacking a dendron.code-workspace file.

Bare Workspace

A bare workspace is a workspace where all vaults inside are remote vaults (separate git repos). You can have a bare code workspace or a bare native workspace.


Workspace: Sync

Synchronize all notes across all vaults with git.

Any changes you made will be pushed back to remote, and any changes in the remote will be pulled.

Workspace Types

Dendron recognizes two types of workspaces, Code and Native. When you initialize your workspace with the Initialize Workspace command, you get a Code workspace. Code workspaces include a dendron.code-workspace file which sets up vaults and recommends installing some useful extensions. Code workspaces are great when you are setting up a knowledge base.

Native workspaces on the other hand don't have a dendron.code-workspace file. They are useful when you are writing notes or documentation, and you want to keep your notes as part of a project rather than a separate knowledge base.

See Native Workspace Setup to see how you can start using a native workspace!


Version control your workspace using Git

Inside your workspace, run the following

  1. Initialize a git repo
    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m "initial commit"
  2. Add a remote

Syncing your workspace with Git

Workspace Sync does not sync the workspace if all your vaults are separate git repos. In order to synchronize your workspace, you need to explicitly do a git pull from the workspace folder.

If you are inside VS Code, you should be able to run > Create Integrated Terminal..., choose the folder containing your workspace, and launch the terminal. After launching, run a git pull inside of it.

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