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Thank you Mark H. Choi for the below notes

Session goal

  • Add a test for MarkdownPublishPod
  • Show how tests are set up for Dendron


cd bootstrap/scripts
  • Dendron is made up of a multiple typescript projects
  • This script will watch all of them and compile them when you make change to the code.

Testing in Dendron

  • All tests are managed with jest.
    • Except the plugin itself, which uses mocha
  • Any test code that are not testing plugin functionality are
    • located in the __tests__ directory
    • in the file name formatted TestName.spec.ts
  • To run a test, use VSCode tasks
    • cmd + shift + p, -> Task: Run Task in the command palette
    • Select the appropriate task to run.
      • These are vscode wrappers around bash scripts.
    • In our case, we want to test MarkdownPod.spec.ts
    • Type npm:test:watch in the task comman palette
    • There will be a number of selections, marked with which project's test it will be running.
      • Select the one marked with pods-core, as we are testing pods today.
    • This will open a terminal and run jest --watch on the specific test we are interested in.
      • Now jest will run all the tests for you every time you change your test code
  • Writing new tests
    • Start a new describe block, and give it an appropriate name.
    • Write a new test case.
      • Use runEngineTest
        • Multiple versions of this exists
        • Make sure you import the right version of this.
          • This is a typescript thing (?)
      • There are preset scenarios for testing
        • These are PreSetupHookFunctions
        • They set up hard-coded notes in a vault so that they can be used in a test
    • Quick jest tip: use snapshots to grab a test result (something long that you don't really want to construct manually), and use that for your assertions
      • These can be found in __tests__/__snapshots__
      • Don't forget to remove the snapshot code for the final test code if it isn't necessary.
    • Clean up any unused code / warnings
  • After writing all the tests, check again by running the entire test suite
    • Run Test: bootstrap found under Task: Run Task
      • This will all tests in all packages.
      • We want to do this before commiting because Dendron is a mono-repo, and most packages have dependencies on each other.
      • We want to make sure our changes aren't breaking something elsewhere.
      • Github action that will automatically do this for every push will be coming soon.
  • If you want to be more careful, you can also test the plugin itself at this point.
    • The above step tests every single package that is not a plugin.
    • To run tests for the plugin itself, run Extension Integ Tests (plugin-core), which can be found in the Run pane.