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Conflicting Schemas

By default, all schemas of a given seed are local to the given seed. This means they won't apply outside of the seed vault

Hosting Private Registries

You will be able to specify on a per package level the registry you want to use.


Upgrading Seeds

For the current phase, seeds are un-versioned. When you add a seed, you get the vault and the git repository. Getting the latest changes is equivalent to doing a git pull in the repository.

Make Contributions to seeds

Because a seed is just a git repo, if it is hosted on github/gitlab, you can use the standard pull request procedure.


Why be part of the seed bank?

Besides for doing the noble work of spreading knowledge, everyone benefits from a growing seed bank.

As a publisher:

  • your documentation will be made accessible to all Dendronlogist
  • you will get pull requests from users that are actively engaged with your subject matter
  • for all open source projects, you will receive free hosting with analytics and user feedback

As a consumer:

  • you have online and offline access access to notes that you need
  • you can reference third material within your own docs