Dendron Alternatives


The main difference between Dendron and almost every other note taking tool can be summed up below. This page is created to dive into additional details of specific tools and for SEO purposes šŸ˜…

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All note taking tools (try to) make it easy to get notes in. It's getting it back out again that's hard, and it becomes harder as you get more notes.

Whether you are using notebooks tags, or backlinks, once you have more than a few hundred notes, you'll need to have some sort of structure in place (eg. naming convention, hierarchy, etc.) to keep track of them.

Dendron is a highly opinionated note taking tool that focuses on hierarchal note taking. It provides the freedom of Roam's every note exists everywhere philosophy, while layering on top flexible hierarchies to keep track of it all.

While Dendron works with knowledge bases of any size, it really shines once you've accumulated a few hundred notes. I created it to handle my personal knowledge base of 20k+ markdown notes ā€” Dendron lets me track and find any specific note in it in seconds. You can read more about Dendron's hierarchal approach to note taking here.

All the tools below are excellent for their own use-cases. This comparison rests purely where Dendron is different.

Software NameComparison w/ DendronFlexible HierarchyOpen sourceLocal-firstFast and performantBi-directional linksOutlining
NotionNotion Vs Dendronāœ…āŒāŒāŒāœ…āœ…
ObsidianObsidian Vs DendronāŒāŒāœ…āœ…āœ…āŒ
RoamRoam Vs DendronāŒāŒāŒāŒāœ…āœ…
FoamFoam Vs DendronāŒāœ…āœ…āœ…āœ…āŒ


  1. Foam Vs Dendron
  2. Notion Vs Dendron
  3. Obsidian Vs Dendron
  4. Roam Vs Dendron