Pull Request


This goes into submitting a pull request


Work in Progress

  • if your still iterating on your pull request or if your working on feedback but its not ready yet, put your PR into draft mode until it is ready

Commit Style

We follow conventional commits.

An example commit:

enhance(publish): speed up publishing by 500%

Breaking changes

If you are introducing a breaking change, either add an ! after the category or a footer at the end of your message

chore!(workspace): drop support for Node 6

Example from Conventional Commits licensed under CC BY 3.0


first time pull request

  • if its your first pull request to Dendron, watch out for the CLA bot that will ask you to agree to Dendron's CLA
  • if its your first pull request and you're on our Discord, make sure that Kevin gives you the horticulturalist role πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ


  • add a test for the new feature
  • make sure all the existing tests pass
  • do a spot check by running your feature with our test Workspace
  • if your change reflects documentation changes, also submit a PR to dendron-site and mention the doc PR link in your current PR
  • after you submit your pull request, check the output of our integration test and make sure all tests pass
    • NOTE: if you running mac/linux, check the windows output and vice versa if you are developing on windows
  • (optional) ping @Dendron Team in the #dev channel of our discord - we usually respond to PRs within 24h

QA Checklist

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