Congratulations! You've completed the Dendron Tutorial 🙌. With its fast lookup, flexible hierarchies, note linking, and rich formatting, Dendron provides you a way to manage knowledge for individuals and organizations alike.

From here, you can start adding your notes to your current workspace, or if you'd like to start fresh you can create a new workspace for your notes with the Dendron: Initialize Workspace Command.

Join the community of Dendrologists

Don't forget - join us on Discord to ask questions, suggest new features, or to discuss note-taking methodologies with fellow Dendrologists.

Explore the full potential of Dendron

There is much more that Dendron offers. When you're ready, learn more about additional features that Dendron offers:

  • Import your existing notes from other sources like Obsidian, etc. with Pods

  • Publish your notes to a website with just a few clicks. Our Dendron Wiki Site is created in this way!

  • Check out our Case Studies and Workflows to see various ways Dendron is being used to organize knowledge.

  • Learn about more Commands

  • Check out our Seed Bank to pull down documentation for public topics.

Other Resources

  • Fellow dendrologist Ian Jones made a fantastic video series about getting started with Dendron here