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Todo Notes


Create a special note type for tasks.


Task management is a popular use case with Dendron. Many users currently use scratch note for tasks.

While it can work, tasks have a lot of additional considerations like priority, ownership and due date that are hard to track in a consistent way using simple scratch notes.

A common pattern for task is using the [ ] syntax to track completion

- [ ] todo1

This works less well once the task becomes a scratch note that is present in multiple places

<!-- weekly.journal.2021.01 --->
- [ ] [[todo1|scratch.journal.2021.01.01.todo1]]

<!-- daily.journal.2021.01.01 --->
- [ ] [[todo1|scratch.journal.2021.01.01.todo1]]

As a user, I know have to remember to check this task off in multiple places.


To address previously mentioned issues, we introduce the concept of a Task Note. This is a new special note that is meant to make it easier to manage tasks in Dendron.

This RFC aims to implement the following functionality:

  • specify how to create and customize task notes
  • specify how to change the status of task notes
  • specify how to display task notes
  • specify how to create different views for task notes


Creating a task note

Task notes will be added to Dendron as a lookup modifier with the following default shortcuts:

  • CMD+SHIFT+T (mac)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+T (windows and linux)
  • NOTE: this conflicts with the built in shortcut to reopen a closed window

By default, task notes will be created as a child of the current note. For example, if the current note was, creating a task note would result in proj.buid-a-cabin.task.{desc} being created where {desc} is the human readable description of said note.

Customizing a task note

Task notes have the same configuration as Dendron's other special notes.


  • default: people

The hierarchy for task owners.


A task note has the following optional properties that can be set in the frontmatter

completed: boolean
due: date
owner: string
priority: L|M|H
tags: [tag1, tag2]


Indicates whether the project is complete


Date indicating when the task is due


The individual responsible for the task


The priority of the given task


Tags for the given task


Every time the status changes, it is updated in the log


When a task is completed, Dendron will create the following rendering

<!-- raw markdown -->
- [[]]

<!-- rendered markdown in editor and preview-->
- [x] [[]]  

Note that in the editor, the [x] will be rendered as a Text Decorator which means it won't be part of the document but only appear as a visual indicator.

Using the same technique, Dendron can show the rest of the task properties using the text decorator trick.

completed: false
due: friday
owner: kevin
priority: H
tags: [backend]
- [ ] [[]] due:friday @kevin prio:H #backend

How a text note link is rendered can be configured using notes.task.render property.



  • default: `- [{note.completed}][{note.fname}] {% if due %} {% endif %}

{% if posts.length %} {% else %} No project posts yet! {% endif %}