Pod image courtesy of Ilana Lin

Dendron refers to pods as any tool or location that is used to hold information. Tools like Evernote and Roam are pods. Social media services like Twitter and Facebook are pods. Publication destinations like static sites and Medium are pods. Everything is a pod.

Pods let you do the following:

  • import your notes from any existing location into Dendron
  • export your notes from Dendron to any existing location
  • publish your notes from Dendron to any existing location

To access pods, Dendron exposes three commands:

  • Dendron: Import Pod: imports notes
  • Dendron: Export Pod: export notes
  • Dendron: Publish Pod: publish notes

NOTE: not all pods will expose all three commands. Each pod implementation can choose to implement any subset of the three commands.

Pod Methods


Importing lets you bulk import notes from a given source and into Dendron. The notes are formatted and converted to Dendron's hierarchal structure.


Exporting lets you bulk export notes from Dendron into another destinations. The notes will be formatted and converted to the native format of the destination.


Publishing lets you take one note and output it into a different format/destination.

For example, you might want to use our markdown pod to take a note with note references and publish it as a regular markdown note to use in a github issue or another tool.

Future uses of the publish method will be taking a note and publishing it to social media (eg. twitter, facebook, linkedin), publishing it to Gmail, and publishing to destinations like Medium and dev.to.

Types of Pods

There are two types of pods:

  • builtin: created by dendron
  • remote: created by third parties

Builtin pods are managed by Dendron and are available when you install Dendron. They can be used with either the dendron-cli or from within the Dendron extension to import/export/publish your notes from/to anywhere



  • id: dendron.json
  • coverage
    • ✅ import
    • ✅ export
    • ✅ publish

Markdown Pod

  • id: dendron.markdown
  • coverage
    • export
    • ✅ import
    • ✅ publish
    • ✅ export

Experimental Pods

These pods are subject to change at any time



  • type: export

Create a vega punchard visualization of your commits. This will output two files at the destination:

  • commits.csv
  • index.html

You can then see this using a HTML server.

  • Instructions:
dendron exportPod  --wsRoot . --podId dendron.gitpunchard --config "dest=/tmp/vega" 
cd /tmp/vega
python -m http.server

Custom pods can be developed by anyone ans a NodeJS package and used after a user installs it in their workspace. They can be used with either the dendron-cli or from within the Dendron extension to import/export/publish your notes from/to anywhere

  • NOTE: at the current time, custom pods can only be run using dendron-cli. We're working on building them into the plugin within the next couple of weeks
  • NOTE: currently, only custom pods for publishing is supported. We're working on adding support for import and export pods

Quickstart (Using a custom pod)

Run the following inside your Dendron workspace.

Install a Pod

cd {workspace}
npm init -y 
npm install -g dendron-cli
npm install --save {dendron-pod-package}

Execute a Pod (CLI)

dendron-cli publishPod --wsRoot . --podId {podId} --podPkg {npmPkg} --podSource custom --config {podConfig}

List of Custom Pods


  1. Builtin Pods
  2. CLI
  3. Custom Pods
  4. Developing a Pod
  5. Export
  6. Import
  7. Sdk Reference