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Custom Pods


Custom pods can be developed by anyone as a NodeJS package and used after a user installs it in their workspace. They can be used with either the dendron-cli or from within the Dendron extension to import/export/publish your notes from/to anywhere

  • NOTE: at the current time, custom pods can only be run using dendron-cli. We're working on building them into the plugin within the next couple of weeks
  • NOTE: currently, only custom pods for publishing is supported. We're working on adding support for import and export pods

Quickstart (Using a custom pod)

Run the following inside your Dendron workspace.

Install a Pod

cd {workspace}
npm init -y 
npm install -g dendron-cli
npm install --save {dendron-pod-package}

Execute a Pod (CLI)

dendron-cli publishPod --wsRoot . --podId {podId} --podPkg {npmPkg} --podSource custom --config {podConfig}

List of Custom Pods