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Creating Notes


While we call it the Lookup Bar, you can also use it to create notes that don't exist. When you lookup for a note that hasn't been created, Dendron will create it for you.

To try it yourself, bring up the lookup bar. Type hello and hit Enter.

Creating Special Notes

Dendron has builtin notion for certain types of notes with pre-defined hierarchies. These notes can be created by toggling the corresponding note button on the lookup menu or by using the respective builtin shortcuts.

  • values:
    • none (default): create a regular note
    • journal: create a journal note (cmd/ctrl + shift + j)
    • scratch: create a scratch note (cmd/ctrl + shift + s)

Creating Notes with a Selection

If you have text highlighted while creating a new note with a lookup, the new note will be created using the text selected. How the text will be used depends on the dendron.defaultLookupCreateBehavior setting.

  • values:
    • selectionExtract (default): create new note with text from the old note. remove text from the old note
    • selection2link: create new empty note and turn selection into a link referencing the old note