Dendrologists are community moderators that help foster, grow, and nurture our growing community.


The Dendron community has more than 1k members, and is continuing to grow.

Since first sprouting, Dendron has focused on creating a welcoming space for users interested in knowledge management to come together, connect, and learn from one another. Something that we take a great effort to do is personally greet each new user, help them connect with others, and make sure that their questions are being addressed.

To scale out this process for the next 1k users (and beyond), we've looked for help from the community to help keep our space one where curious minds can thrive.

Meet the Dendrologists

Focus Areas

The following are specific focus areas that a Dendrologist can choose to lead.

Members and Guidelines

We need help from the community, as we currently don't have a Dendrologist in this focus! Please ping kevins8#0590 in Discord if you are interested.

Help come up with guidelines for conduct and discussion. Find new ways of recognizing outstanding members (eg. swag, roles, starboard, etc) and contributions.


Help coordinate Dendron community events. A big focus for this year is restarting the Greenhouse Talks with speakers from both the team as well as the community.


Be the voice of the community and relay asks from other Dendronites. Pick out tasks for CROP.


Help us ensure that documentation is consistent and that insight in discord threads are recorded so that wisdom can be preserved for future generations.


Help new people contribute to the Dendron code base. Raise awareness of good first tasks and make proposals to get more folks involved. Note that contributions are not just limited to code but could also be doc-related or graphic related.

Garden Stewards

Be the maintainer of a community garden. The current one we have is We will be looking to add a few more before this year is done