Certain hierarchies are not appearing

If you're only publishing a sub-set of your notes (i.e. not everything under root), all the hierarchies you want to appear on the site must be listed in dendron.yml under siteHierarchies. E.g.

        - topics
        - projects
        - areas

My favicon isn't showing up

This might be due to favicon caching on localhost. It should resolve when published.

Command failed when installing or upgrading dependencies

Command failed with ENOENT: npm install 

This could be due to multiple reasons:

- Make sure the default shell you have for VS Code is set to a shell that has npm in it. See [here]( for changing your default shell.
- Make sure that `package.json` is not open during installation (you might see `operation not permitted` on windows)


Check that you have the latest version of Dendron

dendron --version


Upgrade to the latest version of Dendron

npm install -g @dendronhq/dendron-cli

Inspect and Kill Existing Process

Dendron runs the preview on port 3000. Make sure you don't have something already running there.

  • windows
# get ids of processes
Get-Process -Id (Get-NetTCPConnection -LocalPort 3000).OwningProcess

# if you see any result, you can stop them using the following command
Stop-process -Id {IDS_FROM_ABOVE}
  • linux
# get ids
lsof -l -n -P -i tcp:3000 

# kill
kill -9 {IDS}