An Example of a Blue Tag

Any tags leading to this tag note will look blue. Here is what the frontmatter of this note looks like:

id: zDqYUhNE10HXlmStfqwVD
title: Blue
desc: ""
updated: 1628316778791
created: 1628316561344
color: "#1E32E6"

This is just one way to set up the color. You can also use the rgb function notation:

color: "rgb(30, 50, 230)"

Or hsl:

color: "hsl(234, 80%, 51%)"

You can actually use any CSS color (Private) you'd like, but Dendron only recognizes the ones listed above. Dendron adds translucency to any color it recognizes, which makes the colors fit better both in the editor and in publishing. If you are using some other color type Dendron doesn't recognize, make sure to check that it looks okay.