Template Variables


Pre-defined template variables that are automatically included in your templates at run time

You can apply template variables by using the following syntax: {{ VARIABLE }}

Globally Available

  • CURRENT_YEAR: The current year
  • CURRENT_MONTH: The month as two digits (example: 02 for February)
  • CURRENT_WEEK: The week of the year as two digits (example: 17)
  • CURRENT_DAY: The day of the month as two digits (example: 08)
  • CURRENT_HOUR: The current hour in 24-hour clock format (example: 23)
  • CURRENT_MINUTE: The current minute as two digits (example: 05)
  • CURRENT_SECOND: The current second as two digits (exmplae: 32)
  • CURRENT_QUARTER: The current quarter as one-indexed single digit number (example: 1 for first quarter)
  • CURRENT_MONTH_NAME: The month as string name (example: January)
  • CURRENT_MONTH_NAME_SHORT: The month as abbreviated string name (example: Jan for January)
  • CURRENT_DAY_OF_WEEK: equivalent of javascript getDay method (example: 3 for Monday)
  • CURRENT_DAY_OF_WEEK_ABBR: The day of week, as an abbreviated localized string (example: Wed for Wednesday)
  • CURRENT_DAY_OF_WEEK_FULL The day of week, as an unabbreviated localized string (example: Wednesday),
  • CURRENT_DAY_OF_WEEK_SINGLE (example: W for Wednesday),
  • TITLE: The title of the note as appeared on frontmatter
  • FNAME: name of current file
  • DESC: description of current file (equivalent to the desc field in the Dendron frontmatter)

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