Meeting Note


Meeting notes help you keep track of meetings by providing a structured default to capture notes, attendees and next steps.

Use case

  • To keep track of attendees and any follow up tasks they may have, you can create notes for each user and then add user tags to each follow up task. Then, from the user note, you can quickly search the backlinks panel to see which tasks they have assigned to them.
  • For any follow up tasks that require more information, you can try out task notes to create a note with more details and track task completion.

Getting Started

To create a meeting note, run the Create Meeting Note command. We recommend you add a suffix to the meeting note to make it easier to identify.

Meeting Note Template

When you first run the Dendron: Create Meeting Note command, a template and a schema will be created for you. This template will be applied to new meeting notes whenever you create a new meeting note. You can fully customize the template by changing the contents of the note.

The template gets applied to your meeting notes because of the schema that gets auto-generated the first time you run the Create Meeting Note command. By default, this will apply the meeting template to all notes that follow the patterns, or

For example, meet.2022.04.01 or meet.2022.04.01.weekly-planning will have the content of applied to them when they are created.

If you want to change the pattern of your meeting note names and still want the template to apply, you can edit the schema definition in the file