note related commands

  cmd  a command to run[string] [required] [choices: "get", "find", "lookup", "delete", "move"]

  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --help            Show help                                          [boolean]
  --wsRoot          location of workspace
  --vault           name of vault
  --quiet           don't print output to stdout
  --enginePort      If set, connect to to running engine. If not set, create new
                    instance of Dendron Engine
  --attach          Use existing engine instead of spawning a new one
  --useLocalEngine  If set, use in memory engine instead of connecting to a
                    server                                             [boolean]
  --query           the query to run                                    [string]
  --output          format to output in
            [string] [choices: "json", "md_gfm", "md_dendron"] [default: "json"]
  --fname           name of file to find/write                          [string]
  --body            body of file to write                               [string]
  --destFname       name to change to (for move)                        [string]
  --destVaultName   vault to move to (for move)                         [string]



Get a note by id.


Find notes by note properties


Find or create a note if one does not exist, outputting in a specified format.


Delete a note from a vault.


Creates a new note if fname/vault doesn't exist or updates body of existing note


Move a note to another vault, or rename a note within a workspace.



Note to query for. Same syntax as Lookup


Controls how note is formatted


  • json: JSON output
  • md_dendron: dendron markdown
  • md_gfm: github flavored markdown


  • Creating a note (or updating an existing note)
# creates hello if it does not exist. updates hello if it does exist.
dendron note write --fname "mytest" --vault "vaultName" --body "this is a body"
  • Getting a note
dendron note get --query "noteId"
  • Finding notes
dendron note find --fname "foo"
  • Querying a note
# retrieves if it does exist
dendron note lookup --query "hello" 
  • Querying a note with GitHub Flavored Markdown output
# retrieves if it does exist
dendron note lookup --query "hello" --output md_gfm
  • Deleting a note
dendron note delete --fname "foo"
  • Deleting a note within a multi-vault workspace
dendron note delete --vault vault2 --fname "foo"
  • Moving a note
# renames the note "foo" to "bar" within a single-vault workspace
#   if there is no note in the vault already named "bar"
dendron note move --fname "foo" --destFname "bar"
  • Moving a note in a multi-vault workspace
# moves the note "foo" to vault2 and changes its name to "bar"
#    if there is no note in vault2 already named "bar"
dendron note move --vault vault --fname "foo" --destFname "bar" --destVaultName vault2

  1. Delete
  2. Find
  3. Get
  4. Lookup Legacy
  5. Write
  6. dendron note lookup