A topic is a collection of features (eg. Links) that are related in functionality.

Adding a new topic

  1. Create a new note under Topics
  2. This will apply the following template

    {{! See Topic for instructions on filling out this template }}



    • recommended: include a picture
    • eg: Summary

    3 sentence description of the feature . First sentence should be contents of the description


    Use Cases

    {{! See Use Cases (Private) }}




    If the feature has sub features, list them out here. }}




    Describe configuration for a topic. Sub options have their own h3 headers }}



    • required: false

    If there are any limitations to call out }}



    • required: false

    If there are subcomponents, list them out here }}

    Getting Started


    How to get started using the feature. A user should be able to complete this in under 3min }}



    Link to children. Should be in the following order. Delete any fields that aren't applicable.

    • Concepts
    • Features
    • Components
    • Commands
    • CLI
    • Config
    • FAQ
    • Upgrade
    • Details: detailed description on inner working of topic. not necessary for using the command
    • Tutorials
    • Guides }}

  3. Fill out all areas to the best of your ability (note: all sections that have required: false can be deleted if not used)
  4. See Topics (Private) for more details about each section

Style Guide

prefer creating a new note for each section over writing the content inline

NOTE: FAQ is the exception to this. you can inline content there

  • good
<!-- dendron.topic.template.command -->
## Apply Template Command
  • bad
<!-- dendron.topic.template.command -->
## Apply Template Command

The apply template command will...

delete all unused sections

  • the topic template comes with a lot of sections. not all of them are necessary for every topic, delete any that are not used

when describing features

Style Guide

when describing features, focus on the value they provide

  • should describe what you can do with the feature

  • bad

    ### Special Notes
    Special notes let you define how notes are structured using javascript
  • good

    Start writing instantly
    Special notes are well structured and automatically organized. This means you can start writing and stop worrying about where your notes should go.


What is the difference between a 'Feature' and a 'Component'?

A feature is something that is performed "eg. template variables" A component is rarely used. It applies when there are two different and separate ways a feature can be used (eg. handlebar templates vs regular templates > Components)