Journal Note


Journal notes are self contained notes that are meant to track something over time.

Use Case

Examples of journals include recording workout sessions, making meeting notes, and keeping a mood journal.

How are journal notes different from daily journal notes?

While daily journal notes are meant to be the general place to track your daily tasks and notes, journal notes are used for specific topics.

For instance, you may have a daily journal note to keep track of todo items that need to be taken care of each day, and have links your workout journals that live under workout.YYYY.MM.DD, and mood journals that live under mood.YYYY.MM.DD.

Getting Started

journal note

To create a journal note, use the Dendron: Create Journal Note command, or use lookup with the journal note modifier enabled.

By default, Dendron will create the journal note with the following hierarchy {domain}.journal.{y.MM.dd}. {domain} is the domain of the current active note.

You can change how journal notes are created by modifying configurations in the journal configuration namespace.