The Danger of Journaling IS Introspection

The Danger of Journaling IS Introspection

I decided to take advantage of the fact that I have the ability to time travel.

Introspection as a double-edged sword.

With diligent journalling comes the ability to reflect on past actions. It lets you step out from the day to day and put yourself into your own shoes from a past date.

This can sometimes serve as a reality check as you realize that nothing has changed and that you are no closer to the goals you had four years ago. But even if this is the case, the journal is the proof of your work.

I've been keeping a journal now for over a decade. While I rarely go back to consult past entries, there is something to having a record that can show me how much things have changed as well as stayed the same. My journal provides me an anchor to the person that I was and hints at the person I'm becoming. And on days when I need it, it reminds me that I'm doing my best and to find peace with that.