WARNING: This is an experimental feature that may have breaking changes in future iterations. A germ is a feature that is still in the gestation period.

This contains API documentation for trait behavior.

With note traits, you can optionally override behavior for notes during their creation or modification by implementing callback functionality as detailed below. All behavior is optional - if you do not want to override a certain behavior, you can simply delete that function property from the Javascript trait definition file.


This contains properties that are functions that will run as a note is being created. Functions in this category listed below.



See Creation Properties


A JSON Object with the following properties:

  • name: a string with the name of the note which is about to be created
  • promptUserForModfication: a boolean value. If true, before the note is created, then a lookup control will appear, allowing the user to further modify the note name. The lookup will be pre-filled with the contents of the name property. If false, then no lookup control will appear and the note will be created with the name set by the name property.

❗️ Note: Dendron may further format the note name to make sure it is compatible. Spaces will be replaced with - and the note name will be converted to lower case.



Specify behavior for altering the title of the note when it is created.


See Creation Properties


A string containing the modified title.


When implemented, a template will be applied to the note being created.




The name of the note to use as the template. You can use a xvault link to specify the vault in a multi-vault setting, otherwise, this will use the same vault as the current open note.


  OnCreate: {
    setTemplate: () => {
      return "template.msg";


Specify the vault in which a new note is created.


The name of the vault in which to create a new note.

Creation Properties

  • currentNoteName - for setNameModifier(), this contains the name of the Dendron note that is currently in focus in the editor. If no note is in focus, then this returns undefined. For setTitle(), this contains the note name returned from setNoteModifier().
  • selectedText - contains the text that has been highlighted in the current editor of a Dendron Note. If no text is highlighted, or if the highlighted text is not in a Dendron note, this returns undefined.
  • clipboard - contains any text currently on the clipboard, or undefined if there is no text.

Included Modules

Lodash and Luxon modules are accessible in the code you write for your traits. There is no need to include any import statements.


For example Javascript implementations of Traits, see the examples hierarchy.


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